Hidden Warriors

Stop Using Tired and Trusted Fundraising Tools

Hidden Warriors runs countless fundraising events – from a Fun Day to an Annual Cycle Fundraiser – and was searching for an accessible platform for its supporters to donate through. There was significant donor fatigue from having to enter countless details on other platforms, such as GoFundMe and JustGiving. 

For Hidden Warriors, the answer was Text Giving through Donr Foundation. 

Text Giving does not require supporters to input bank details, instead a donation simply needs a mobile phone.  While promoting the details can easily be done on social media accounts, such as YouTube or Facebook, or the Text Giving number and shortcode can be applied to Hidden Warrior merchandise, such as t-shirts and cycle jerseys.

Hidden Warriors has seen widespread engagement with Text Giving from its supporters. This fundraising success through Text Giving will be continued with Hidden Warriors’ upcoming Annual Cycle in Belgium.

Find out more: https://hiddenwarriors.co.uk/