Long Eaton Rugby Club

Extend Your Fundraising Options

Long Eaton Rugby Club is fundraising for a building project – they are looking to extend the clubhouse. The club has been able to apply for some grants to help with the building costs, but also needed to raise money from the local community. To do this, the club opted to use Donr Foundation’s Text Giving platform.

With a strong social media presence across Facebook and Instagram, Long Eaton Rugby Club already had an engaged audience. By introducing Text Giving to this audience and using social media posts to explain how easy Text Giving is and also what any donations would be used for, Long Eaton Rugby Club has successfully received one-off mobile donations and regular, monthly donations all through the Text Giving platform.

The use of Donr Foundation’s Text Giving has allowed Long Eaton Rugby Club to attract new donors and the extension is expected to be complete in 2023.

Find out more: http://www.longeatonrfc.co.uk/