Frequently Asked Questions

Does Text Giving actually work?

Yes! Text Giving works incredibly well, and our technology partner, Donr, has signed up over 5,500 charities and has processed thousands of successful campaigns. Text Giving is the most flexible method of taking donations, as almost everyone in the UK has a mobile phone number, and a Text Giving keyword can be promoted online, on TV, on radio or at live events.

Are there examples of how best to use Donr Foundation?

We already have a number of happy CiCs that are raising money with us. Check out our case studies.

How much does Donr Foundation charge?

Donr Foundation charges no set up fees, no monthly or annual fees and no transaction fees. You receive 100% of the donations that are made to you.

How does Donr Foundation make money?

We’re a non-profit organisation, so we only need to break even. We do this by using any Gift Aid reclaimed on your donations to cover our costs. If we have additional money left over, then we will make further grants to good causes.

Can you help me plan my campaign?

No, sorry.
We do, though, have some experts you could ask.

Who can use Donr Foundation?

Donr Foundation was established to help good causes that, for whatever reason, have chosen not to become a registered charity. In time, we want to support everyone, from individuals raising money, through to large corporates and their charity fundraising.
However, for now as we establish ourselves, we are restricted to supporting Community Interest Companies (CiCs).

What is the technology you use?

We are supported by Donr, who work as our technology provider. Donr is trusted by over 5,500 UK charities from the very small to the absolutely massive – everything from animal charities and children’s hospices to food banks and churches. They have also worked with huge high-traffic national TV campaigns and are integrated with all the UK mobile network operators.

How do we get paid?

Technically, all donations are made to Donr Foundation, as we are the registered charity set up with the UK mobile networks. Donr Foundation then makes a monthly grant to you for 100% of the donations made to your shortcode / keyword combination.

You receive your grant at the end of the month the donation was made in, plus 50 days. This is because, before we can pay you, we need to receive the funds from the network operators and they wait until the end of the month and then pay out 30 days after that (except Vodafone, which pays out 60 days after, so Vodafone donations are granted to you at the end of the month, plus 80 days). We then make our grants on or around the 20th of each month.

When you first sign up, it feels like a long wait, however, once you’ve been with us for a few months, then it means you will receive regular payouts on c. 20th of each month.

More Questions?

If we haven’t answered your question above, then please use the Donr Knowledge Base to answer more technical questions.