Maximising Donations

Once you have your shortcode and keyword set up, you want to maximize the donations you receive from your community. Here are our tips on how to make sure that Text Giving works best for you.

Our Tips

Complement, not Replace 
Text Giving should be used in addition to any other fundraising or revenue generating activities that you do. Continue to focus on the activities that have worked for you so far and use Text Giving to attract a new, digital audience or create a more impulsive donating opportunity.

Tell People 
Your community can only know how to donate using Text Giving if you tell them. Use all the channels you have to get your shortcode and keyword out to your audience – social media, any media coverage you may generate, your YouTube channel (if you have one) in any written communication, in person at live events, or in emails, newsletters and any other time you communicate.

Tell Them Again
Telling people once will not be enough, so tell them again. Use channels that allow for a message to be regularly repeated – such as your email signature or a page or section on your website. But also, even if you have told people on social or through a newsletter, you can use that channel again to remind people.

Tell Them Why
Campaigns that talk about the problem that is being solved, rather than simply asking for money usually work better in fundraising. If you’re asking for £5 via Text Giving what will that £5 be used for? If you have multiple projects or uses, then these could all be separate social campaigns or email alerts.