Setting up a fundraising event

There is a project that needs funding and it has been decided that there will be an event to help raise the funds. Thanks to a twist of fate and not being in the committee room at the right time you have been given the task of creating the event. What do you do?

Firstly, it’s important that along with your team to define what kind of event to run. There are three basic choices that you have: a) something that your team specialises at creating; b) something with particular relevance and meaning to your community; or c) a general event that can reach a wide audience, even if they are not involved in your cause. At Aspire, we’re known for swimming events because we spotted a gap in the market and now excel at running them.

What you choose is up to you but involve your team and potential supporters as soon as possible. You can ask them to help, ask them to participate or just ask for donations. But one thing that a good event can do is to become a focal point for people to donate.

As the event organiser, you need to keep your supporters and potential supporters enthusiastic.  Keep them informed as to how the event is being planned, get the date out to people as soon as possible, outline how the fundraising is going and explain the difference that their donations will make.  Regular updates like this are both inclusive (everyone should feel that their contribution is valued) and are reminders to enter, donate or to spread the word further.

Establishing the right kind of event for your community, careful planning and organisation and then regular contact with supporters, recognising the effort that they are putting into your project is what will make the difference. Good luck.

Paul Parrish
Donr Foundation Trustee
Director of Fundraising, Aspire

Aspire’s Solent swim – organised to help raise funds for the organisation