What can Donr Foundation do for you?

Quite simply – help you increase your revenues.

We were established to help good causes, that are not registered charities, learn more about and access digital fundraising tools.

The translation of that is: if you’re a Community Interest Company (CiC)*, then you can use Donr Foundation’s Text Giving platform to receive donations from your community.

Donations are a great way for you to increase your revenues. 

  • You may offer free services, but some of the recipients would be willing to pay towards the costs – you can ask them to donate.
  • You may have people who would like to donate a small amount every month – ask them to set up regular giving by text.
  • You may work with enterprises, but know that the individuals would like to help you out as well – now they can with a simple donation.

At Donr Foundation we want to make this process as quick, simple and cost effective for you as possible – so there is no set up fee, no monthly fee and no transaction fee. You receive 100% of the money donated.

You can find out more about how Text Giving works here, or if you have a specific question then you can visit our FAQ page.

*If you’re a charity, then please visit our technology partner Donr.

At the moment Donr Foundation only works with CiCs. If you’re not a CiC, please keep checking back with us as we hope to be able to support differently structured good causes soon.