What is Text Giving

Text Giving is the ability for someone to make a donation to you, using their mobile phone, just by texting a keyword and donation amount to a designated shortcode number. It offers a new, simpler way for supporters to donate to the causes they care about and it offers you a simple way to raise money for the work you are doing.

How does it work?

Text Giving enables your community to instantly support your cause by texting a keyword and donation amount, which will then be added to their phone bill or deducted from their credit.

E.g. Chester Zoo used “OURZOO” as its keyword to help when Coronavirus hit and has raised over £22,000

Where can it be used?

Once you have your keyword and shortcode you can use Text Giving to raise money from anyone with a mobile phone in the UK. You can tell people how to donate on social media, in print and broadcast media, at live events, or in emails, newsletters and any other communication with your supporters.

In 2019 over £49m was raised through Text Giving in the UK. You too can tap into a donation tool that on average, people in the UK check every 12 minutes.

Using Donr Foundation

The UK’s mobile network operators (MNOs) all allow registered charities to raise money via Text Giving with limited charges. Therefore, if you are a registered charity, you can sign up directly with our technology partner Donr (or one of the other providers).

But if you are not a registered charity you cannot use those services and so Text Giving has been denied to you, until now. Donr Foundation is a registered charity that uses Text Giving to raise money on your behalf and we guarantee that for any money raised through your shortcode and keyword we will grant 100% of those donations back to you.

If you are a CiC, you can now access the benefits that Text Giving can offer through Donr Foundation. Once you have your shortcode and keyword set up, you want to maximize the donations you receive from your community. Read our tips here